Alabama Part II / by Yesi Flores

We got up early one morning, and decided to go outside and walk around the neighborhood. The fog was on point, so we were all a little excited!

We figured it would be cold, so we put on jacket and warmed up...only to come to the conclusion after walking for 20 minutes, that it would be in the 70's. Andy and I were sweating. It was pretty bad, although you can't tell in the pictures haha. This was all taken a few blocks from Andy's grandparent's house. 

Hopefully when we go back next time, we'll be able to explore another part of the neighborhood. 

Andy's Wearing:

Jacket: Levi's

Beanie: Target

Jeans: Levis

Yesi's Wearing

Tee: Cotton On

Sweater: Gap

Jacket: Gap

Tights: Forever21

Hat: GrayFoxHats