West Elm Dadeland X Kate Spade_Saturday / by Yesi Flores

This past Saturday I got invited to a West Elm Dadeland bloggers brunch.

I absolutely love any reason to eat yummy food, sip on delicious drinks, meet new local businesses, and of course admire everything West Elm has to offer.

Here are just a few pictures from the brunch. I had such a fun time with Steph from Hustle Sauce and a few other ladies who were kind enough to introduce themselves and tell me a little bit about their blogs. I think it's so cool that West Elm Dadeland has devoted so much time into planning little events like this. Not only does it make someone feel special, it allows us to socialize and meet others. 

Thank you to all the vendors who provided us with goodies!

Thank you Pasion Del Cielo!

Thank you Onli Beverages!

Thank you BlownDrylounge!

Finally, Thanks Team at West Elm Dadeland, you sure know how to make a lady smile. Head on over to their store and check out the new Kate Spade_Saturday collection, it's absolutely colorful.