Monday is back. / by Yesi Flores

Oh how quickly the weekend passes.

Today is Monday, and that means back to the 9-5 job.

Back to the hustle we don't always enjoy.

Luckily, Saturday will be here in just 5 days.

I already have quite a few photo shoots planned for Feb, so i am getting ready for a very busy month.

This is how i wear my hair to work EVERYDAY. Bun...all day...and sometimes all night too because otherwise my hair wraps around my neck.  I already mentioned The Little MIss Shop in the previous post, and I continue to mention it because she was sweet enough to send me some goodies. What I love about her headbands is that you can just put them on at any point, specially when you are having a bad hair day (me every day). They are so easy and fun to wear. 

Also, in case you haven't seen me wearing this tee before, head on over to Hustle Sauce Shop and get one, it will change your life. Literally.

Support local shops and have a lovely week people!