Keep It Simple / by Yesi Flores

Simple is beautiful.

I've had these pictures since my birthday month in October (last year). Of course my life got hectic the last few months of the year and didn't get around to posting.

For the past few months my style has been slowly transitioning. 

You probably haven't noticed haha but it's a big change for me.

Before, I used to wear all things cute. If the dress had a repeated pattern of Ice cream cones, it was mine. If a blouse had a peter pan collar, must have. Now, I'm beginning to realize that simple is better. I don't check for cute print anymore, I look for comfy fabric. As I get older, I want to simplify my life. 

I see myself leaning more towards neutral colors than the pink, mint, peach colors (this is bc Andy has an unconscious influence in my life).

I've been falling more and more in love with Free People. 

I feel like their clothes were made for me (minus the price tag!)

 boho , neutral colors, and comfy.

Free People, I love you.