Outfit Post: Buenos Aires by Yesi Flores

While visiting Buenos Aires last month, we were able to walk around and try to do some shopping....it's ridiculous how expensive clothing, let alone BRAND clothes cost over there. A pair of LEVI jeans are about $150 DOLLARS not PESOS. Andy and I couldn't believe it. Since I couldn't buy much, mostly because it made no sense to spend triple what it would cost here...we decided to just do a lot of window shopping. Finally, after a lot of walking I was able to spot this pretty simple tee at a little shop. It cost about $26 dollars. I also found some all grey reeboks on sale that I decided to purchase as well.

Taking Risks by Yesi Flores

I'm pretty scared of taking risks.

I can sometimes be so comfortable and content with where I am, but at times feel like I could be somewhere else, doing much more. But when the time comes to step up and do more, i freak out. like literally. freeze. don't know what to do.

Praying for God's guidance in my life. 

Love this pretty dress from Free People

Dress: Free People

Hat: GrayFox Hats

 Combat Boots: Steve Madden (similar)

Camera Purse: Rebecca Minkoff

Helicopter Over My Head by Yesi Flores

Yes, that is a helicopter right over my head.

Andy and I had such a fun time capturing this look!

We had seen the helicopter flying around as we drove to this location. When we parked the car, we started taking pictures and talking about how funny it would be if the helicopter flew by here while we were shooting...not even two minutes later we see it coming towards as and hovers over me so it could be in the picture. Andy was cracking up and nervous, and just snapping away! Lucky us they did that twice!

When we looked back at the pics, they were mostly out of focus, but we were able to get the two shots below. It was such a fun experience! That will probably never happen again! 

Hat: H&M

Dress: Free People

Boots: Steve Madden

purse: vintage camera bag

GIVEAWAY/Day Five by Yesi Flores

Officially last day of my week long giveaway!

I'm kinda sad, but glad at the same time! I've been trying to post everyday at the same time so that it's consistent and running home to photograph some products, so my calm week turned a little bit crazy...but it was so much fun!!! I can't wait to do it again.

Anyway! More on that later

This last giveaway, I teamed up with Leeana from The Little Miss Shop, which you've seen me wearing in previous posts. She was kind enough to send me two headbands to give away. Since tomorrow is Valentine's, what better way to celebrate than to tell your bestie how much you love and appreciate her!

You will win:

1. One Yellow Scalloped Victoria Band

2. One Mamey Scalloped Victoria Band

3. 8x10 print of choice from my website

Here's how you can enter

1. Follow @SimplyLively & @TheLittleMissShop on IG

2. LIKE, COMMENT, and TAG your bestie/bff/sister and tell her how much you appreciate and love her!!

Simple As that!

WInners for all giveaway items will be announced on Saturday Night!

Head on over to my IG to enter to win! and don't forget to hop over to The Little MIss Shop!